Wake Me Up

Woke up by the scream of my late grandfather,
An owl, ringing churchbells, white stockings, cursed spells,
Veins perforated, lost liquid of life quick,
Bone chilling orchestra, trumpets from nicaragua,

The moral of the story, can be found in old textbooks,
The who and what, where, when,
Written down with ink and pen,

Life has been unreasonable,
Sharing heart with a rightheous one,
Awoken from my slumber, nightmare, who is responsible,
The naked lady in my dreams or the one I shed a tear for,
Confused, mixed in a jungle, emotions unclear tho,

In an abandoned house it struck me, like lightning on a stormy night,
Two male cats fought for a kitty in a brave fight,
I need to cut the wire,clean, shine my knife with nailpolish,
High heels,fancy dress versus glasses and books,
Casual clothing versus laughter and good looks,

The light in my dead life is fading,
Like snow on a chestnut in the summer,
I'm a band without a drummer,
Broken can without a plumber,

Lay me down to sleep,
Escaping the cruelty of life,
Not being able to make the right choice,
My conscience,irritating voice,

Love of my life, where have you been, where are you running at,
Trapped inside a pit of snakes,
Same for me, there's no way out,
Let's join hands, feel the rough cold skin,
Together we will make it through,
Might aswell live in sin.

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 569 times
Written on 2006-11-15 at 00:08

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My sentiment exactly, SinFornication in company is my preferred form too. Nice work, very honestly expressed dream poem. Tai

great poem! i enjoyed readin it! :d keep the great work up! :D

I really loved this poem... The style is unusual and reminds me of my own poetry..
I hope to read more from you..