18 would be twice the happiness I'm looking for,
Can't settle with 3, even 6 won't be enough for me,
The alphabet counts 26 unique characters,
But still not enough to describe your flawless smile,

A circle is complete when it reaches a 360°,
Knowledge and understanding, the foundation I base my life on,
3 and 6 is 9, multiply by 2, multiply by 10, multiply by 2,
While I'm still dwelling mother Earth in search for my second half,
Thought I found it, but not since recently I'm having second doubt,

Chewing off my metal chain wich kept me strained,
Increasing the pain, my heart contains a storm of acid rain,
Endless is how my life is, 18 years and going,
Happiness eludes me, unfortunate events confront me,
Broken since 8, rejuvinated at 16,
Last drop in my empty glass, turns to ice, a wicked fiend,

Watching old toons as a kid, I am a replica,
Of and aged white shadow, the brain turns mellow,
Vein pop in the eye, I remember a whistle in my ear,
Must be from my better half, wet my pants in fear,
Uncertain how my life will turn out, in the wrong hands,
A search for my Holy Grail, sculptured in my ice attic,
Popped out one seed, produced by a bad habbit,

I'll leave the rest up to you,
For now, you are my helping hand,
In this day and age, we will make love on Hawaiian sand,
Follow the path of these numbers, once, you'll find the mystery,
Do it before I slit my wrists, I need to know, for certainty,

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 582 times
Written on 2006-11-15 at 17:10

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Interesting... our styles resemble, as if they spring from the same mind or from the same book of tales, don't you think? I like the mysterious side of it all; Your poetry is the answer to a lot of my questions..

u have wonderful poems! i cant wait to read more! great work! :D