Something i wrote to encourage a very dear chat-friend of mine.

My Guardian Angel :)

There sits a lonely woman in a city, i wonder so
what's on her mind, she seems by some reason so sad.

Maybe if i caught a moonbeam to her home and fell
down into her pool, then i could make her laugh a tad.

I wonder what she thinks about, what troubles her mind,
is there any answer for me to find?

Maybe it's not for me to ask, it's not my task,
but she has been so gentle and kind.

Now i only wonder if i can be to any help,
since she has been so nice.

Well at least i gave it a try,
now i guess it's her turn to roll the dice.

Le enfant terrible.

Poetry by reb
Read 345 times
Written on 2006-11-17 at 02:41

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