Reconstruction Of Reason

If I where to be Excalibur....
Then that would make you Arthur...

What do you think is the meaning behind this quote created by a man who has lost all fate in humanity?
What did he lose?? Or what did he find??

A vulture, cirkling around his head, when can he eat?
Collapse....bits and pieces of flesh pouring from the newly opened fontanel,

Maybe it's for the best....
Surviving the wilderness of life his journey continues on a, what seems to be, impossible mission,
A mission....of succes, a new world order,
Breaking all boundaries, imprissoning most of the worlds population...

Who ever said sex was a sin?
Was it only meant to plant the seeds we spring from?
Or should mankind let it loose like a chipmunk out of it's cage,
Happy, for it's first fresh acorn, using his instinct, not teachings from his parents he did not have,

What is the goal of life?
Nothing but to make sure that we do not fail to become extinct....

Then do it.....said a litle voice in his head,
I can't.....

No need to answer this question, we all do know why....

Filthy animals.... what we are called when we mangle like rainworms in a fishermans bate tank...
Disgusted....cause a snake and cave are evil....
The snake is the it was told to Adam and Eve...
Did God not have intercourse?
Or shouldn't I be saying such things....accuse me of blasphemy....

In the animal kingdom, a she-spider will eat the male after the deed....
So be it....
Is a spider religious??
It's funny how things turn out sometimes don't you think?

But I stand strong on this unballanced ground,
You may not realise it.....but I will come to you....
As friend or foe, sweet or raw,
Or names will be written down in books and encyclopedia,
We shall last forever as a statue, a head on a coin, or even a poster on the wall,
I plunge my genitals in wet cement, as you shall do with yours,
Carve my name in your chest,
Carve yours in mine,

Now go, fly away, but remember me with each orgy.....
Think of me while performing rituals with sodomy,

The first seat in my heart will always be taken by you, my love,
But do not let this keep you from having numerous joy,
And so will I....

Let's meet again shall we??

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 659 times
Written on 2006-11-18 at 12:03

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you know we will...;-)

That's a date then!lol Excellent work. Love the title and your style is enthralling. Smiling at you, Tai