The Vanishing Light

Where has the light gone?

Darkness suddenly surrounds me as the closing of my coffin,
But very much alive....

Am I blind?
My sight turned dark and grey, no colours...
I cannot smell the lovely perfum of the wonderfull females who pass me by,
Is my nature playing tricks on me?
This cannot be,
Will I ever be able to enjoy the lovely taste of tea?

But the reason was so obvious,
Like family times near a Christmass tree,

I met an angel durring nighttimes, a dream or miracle being,
You would be the Queen and I would be the King,
A rendes-vous in daylight set my mind on freeze,
Smoothest movements of your lips, dancing of your hips,
I was hypnothized,
Emotionally pulverized,
I sunk deep in your eyes and nearly drowned,
A near-death experience, suffocation of braincells,
I've lost it, will I forever be unconscious?

Woman keep passing me by, not discovering their true beauty,
I cannot see it, it's like everyone turned ugly!!!
At night I cry myself to sleep, sillently screaming "this cannot be",
I treasure my eyes who had the honour to stare at you,
I never clean my nose again, affraid to loose your smell,

I wanna share my heart with you, but I'm too affraid to tell,
In the mirror I see a bad person betraying the ones I love most,
But I'm not bad...I can't help the choice of my poor feelings,can I?
Am I responsible for the foods and beverage I like so much?
Even a man made out of steel will turn too softwater, in a blink of an eye,
It is the greatest power to downsize macho masculine behaviour,

Right now, I am the size of a powerless baby mouse,
Trapped in it's own house, surrounded by it's loving parrents,
But not able to speak, to release stress from my chest,
Get a grip of yourself, is this really the best I have??

Would someone please turn the lights on, add colour to my life TV?!
If not, prepare the chair and light my flesh with electricity,

I wanna walk with you side by side and hand in hand,
And not hide the joyfull pain chewing a hole into my stomach,
Holding you in my arms and keep you safe would mean alot to me,
The onlything colourfull in life, is you my dear...

End of the show in theaters?
Normally lights turn on....but not in this movie....

Black blends in like a cameleon...

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 690 times
Written on 2006-11-19 at 00:18

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Nice writing.. indeed - I can't argue with the 'second half' statement... I believe that only very few are being granted such privilege.. All desire something this special, but only the special ones are allowed to have one try...

so much much never leave me bored.
a bit twisted but ahhhh, therein lies its power!

wonderful expression cat

So you went and fell in loves pool huh? Wonderfully expressive poem on the power that love can extoll on us if wedon't listen to our true hearts. I feel for you, Tai