Dedicated to those innocent souls... whose life have become hell.


Jewelled in an ornament of simplicity, dripping with freshness and innocence, everybody walks in this vast world. When human beings step into this world in the form of an infant, they are pure, innocent, aimless and above all without ambition. But, as the wheel rolls by and by, that infant grows and with it desires. And by the time, that infant grows up to a youth; all of his/her desires mingle together to form one concrete and sole desire called "Ambition".

Here I am going to talk about a girl. There is a girl whose life if filled with sufferings, hardships, misfortune. Her future is dark and she is breathing without any desires and ambition. Who knows? Like every one of us, perhaps she too might have big ambition. She too might have knitted beautiful dreams for the future; like she will do this, she would do that etc and etc. but today, what to say, due to her ill-fate or due to hard circumstances, her dreams, desires, ambition and her aspiration for the joy, pleasure and mirth are circumscribed between four concrete walls. Now, her pure and handsome dreams have transformed as a mere airy and have crumbled and converged with dust.

All of us are aware of the fact that, man and woman are the two indispensable parts of the society. In other words, man and woman are the two wheels of a same vehicle. If one wheel is destroyed, another wheel will become useless, which means there will be chaos in the society.

She too is an indispensable part of the society. But why today she is considered was? Although she has desires, ambition and aspiration for all those things which everyone of us aspire for, is now compelled to dwell far away form her home i.e. from her parents, brothers and sisters. Now she is dwelling in a place where she doesn't have anyone to look after her, anyone to care for her and anyone to respect her feelings and her inner self. In such a deserted and secluded place, she might have drenched her pale cheeks with salty waters. She might have cried and yelled. She might have poured out her melancholic feelings, emotions and sentiments. But there was not a trace of single human being who was hearing her cries and agony. Nevertheless there was nobody who could see the spontaneous flow of rivers that found its way to ocean through pale and withered cheeks except the cold and indifferent concrete walls.

Now all of her aim, ambition, desires and aspiration for the filial affection were not going to be fulfilled and were going to remain in the inmost shrine of her bosom as a mere dream. The reason behind that was, now she was impelled to dwell in that deserted and secluded place with a black stain and with a curse and a bitter truth named, "Whore". Now she was given a new identity which she had never thought of and which she had never longed for. Now she was known as a whore.

Everybody whether rich or poor, whether high or low, child or man or old started looking at her with disgust and contempt during day time in order to maintain their fake reputation. But during night, most of them approach her to quench their greed, lust and hunger. During daylight, they point their fingers at her stating she is a whore, she is unholy and she doesn't have sanctity. They don't even hesitate to call her taboo. But when daylight goes to sleep after day's exhaustion and darkness wakes in simultaneous way, they are the one who rapes her sanctity in order to quench their mere greed of flesh.

Now a vital question arises. Who are to be blamed for her wretched condition? Who are to be held responsible for running her precious life? I have an answer for this question and i.e. Society. By mentioning society here, I am neither blaming nor holding every person of the society. But I am very sternly blaming that person who duped her by taking advantage of her innocence, by enticing her with airy things and by playing the game of love and finally sold her for some amount. After all , that man is also a human being but in his heart there was not a trace of sympathy, mercy, pity and above all love and conscience. For such person, I can neither give a status of a human being nor of an animal. Had he being a human being, he would have felt compassionate for that innocent girl. And had he being an animal, he would not have that shrewdness which he employs again and again to ditch innocent girls. He is neither a human being nor an animal but a vampire of modern times (Kal-Yug). Ancient time's vampires used to suck blood of human beings. No doubt, modern vampires suck blood of their victim but in different ways than ancient time's vampires. They consume money reddened with blood of the victim by selling them.

In ancient times the victims used to die instantly after the demon sucks their blood. But neither this modern time demons allow their victim to die nor they allow them to live in the true sense of the term. They leave them to die many deaths before they are engulfed by eternal slumber. These demons are responsible for the pathetic condition of her.

Even after witnessing the miserable plight of that girl, human beings don't seem to be moved. They don't feel anything for her. They are engrossed in their busy schedule and above all, a lot of cobwebs had settled around them. Everybody claims our society has improved and our world is developing. But I don't think, our society has improved and our world is developing. In our country where people sings the glory of women like, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Arundothi Roy, Florence Nightingale etc. here only we find people protesting against whore with every tooth and nail. Why don't they understand, after all they are also woman! Everyone says, we are living in the 21st century but I think we are still dwelling in the medieval ages. How can we say that world is improving, when women are still suppressed and exploited? Perhaps, everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen but I wonder... when we are going to understand a simple truth, "the days of miracles are gone".

Words by Wangdi Gyalpo
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Written on 2006-11-20 at 05:53

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a very moving text. It is so sad what happens to young girls and also young boys that are caught in this horrible condition. thanks for writing and posting this narrative.