A dream of a poverty-striken, little girl.

A Dream...

Will it come true?

"A prince riding on
splendid white horse
would come for my
rescue like
in fairy tales
and then I'll live
happily ever after."
This is what
My master says.

Head and body
filled with lice
and what not...
clothes all dirty.

"Wear clean clothes."
Says my master.

But, how am I to tell...
it is the only clothes..
that too, which he bought.

Even I want to be clean,
be ready for my prince,
but what to do?

Mom's lost in alcohol.
Even can't blame her,
my papa, that swine
settled with another woman
deserting my mom
and us, five children.

My master wants me
to call him 'Papa'
but, how can I?
when I know
he is not.

People say,
I'm pretty.
But, without clothes
How am I to look pretty?

I believe in my master.
A prince would come...
come for my rescue
but, I fear...
Will he recognise me
in these shabby clothes,
head and body
filled with lice?

All I dream is...
If not in this life,
At least in next life
(if there would be any).
My dream,
Yes, my dream will

Poetry by Wangdi Gyalpo
Read 880 times
Written on 2009-05-15 at 08:28

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