Innocent and hunted for someone else's sins

The innocent one

In the right place but in the wrong time
He saw something he shouldn't have seen
Dripping from the cieling
There is blood stains on the carpet
and a body on the floor

He met eyes of darkness
Burning in the face of evil
He got a pat on the shoulder by this devil
and a gun in his hand
The devil dissapeared into the shadows
But he stood frozen to his spot

Hunt him down
Oh lock him up and throw away the key
He's not the one they're looking for
But there's a killer on the loose
People need their piece of mind

And he meets the description

Words by Natalie
Read 1000 times
Written on 2006-11-20 at 22:09

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Amanda K
thrilling ha. liked it has a different taste.

kind regards,

Wonderful, just wonderful darling!!

I had a great time with you yesterday btw, love you!!! <3<3<3


ooh nice and dark honey, me like... :)

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Amazing! You have written the story of what my nephew has gone through as my brother Sam as already told you. Outstanding!

well writtin! keep the wonderful work up! :D

Sam lockhart
Natlie, this writting reminds me of what my nephew David R. Camm has gone thru since 9/28/00.You can Google his name and see what I am speaking of. Very interesting writting. Thanks