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NOTE: 2004 09 25 02H53 EST Forever Stalling

Forever Stalling

Disappointment soars since
The day I finally saw
How much I had
Misunderstood all along.

My best trust was fooled,
Still refuses to be healed today.
The words reverberate
Endlessly in soul:

I love you
I love you
I love you

Your sacrilege,
My unconsolable sorrow –
Comprehension's never
Finding home in me,
It never will,
An unshakable belief.

All of the now imagined beauty
Hugs my thoughts uncomfortably,
The tune in my heart falters
Like a skipping record –
An interrupted melody
Impossible to ignore,
It disturbs all serenity.

Thick, blackened liquid frames
Not what our memories
You promised would be.
All hope disintegrated,
The end burns all sweetness.

(Insignificance of self confirmed - by you)

Disillusionment never kissed
Confusion so fiercely.
This, a stain to never be removed,
I'm forever left stalling on you.

I can't stop caring,
I miss yours…

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Written on 2005-10-11 at 17:50

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StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
"Disillusionment never kissed
Confusion so fiercely."

(standing ovation)


aye, to stop caring would make is cold - and we are all warm in the eyes of love. :)

Amanda K
a very lovely text.realization of a great feeling that nothing can replace, a sincere cofession of uncontrolled passion and a sweet love song.keep it up dear.

Zoya Zaidi
Well, I read it again today, and same lines hit me, strange?
"Disillusionment never kissed
Confusion so fiercely.

But there is another beautful imagiry I must mention here:
"The tune in my heart falters
Like a skipping record
An interrupted melody
Impossible to ignore,
It disturbs all serenity."

one can literally feel th needle of emotion skipping and disturbing!

((((Big Fond Hugs))))))

Love, XXX,Zoya

Sofiul Azam
Fine!!!!!! but I want to read more of your work. Should you deprive us readers of your forthcoming works?

Zoya Zaidi
'Disillusionment never kissed cofusion so fiercely'... So unique! IT IS A POWERFUL PIECE! I just love it. THANKS FOR SHARING

this is a powerful write, one of my favorites by you yet (which is saying A LOT, i might add, as you never fail to stun me with your words)... beautiful, this... and so true to love, the enigmatic feelings that it can bring.....


~me :)

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
love is a tricky one to get hold of sometimes, people are deceptive sometimes for their own personal goals. as has been pointed out, it is easy to say i love you it's how we act that counts. it is not just men surei! women too are exactly the same.

Men!That's all I can say, always saying "I love you" when most of the time they don't even know the meaning!Yes, it is hard to move on, so now you're trying to stall, if only one could, wouldn't that be nice...