haven't posted in a while due to crazy events, have to go away again for a week so decided to give you something to think about til i come back again

Feeding Time

Classical conditioning
The thought of it makes you want it
Conjures sensation
Memory dredging rapid

Lurks there, in the back of the mind
Tom-toms beating
Monotone of thought
Humming low, pitching high

Works its way forward
Won't let you push it away
For it wants to linger
It wants to make you act

Squirm, wriggle in your seat
There are jumping beans on your chair
Though you're standing
Getting ready to run

That's the best option, you say
According to the limits placed upon you
Everything you must abide by
If you follow the common line

Make it easier to handle
Between fat fingers greedy,
Easier to swallow

Down the tube to the pool of acid
Anticipating the splash.
Be careful not to scrape the surface
Of tracts unmyelinated.

Throw it around the mouth a bit,
Chew the cud
In your four stomachs
To make sure it digests properly

No bell today
What about a siren wailing
Damage somewhere in the night
More refuse to clean up

Destruction lining the streets
Like the milk in your stomach
Which suckled you from
Doomed birth to unmerciful now

You're curled, in your ball
The cats have disappeared
So you're safe for now,
Your yarn surviving another break in the weather

I can see the storm coming
Can't you see those clouds?
Why you must be blind, deaf, ignorant
Maybe you don't want to know

So you keep walking, skipping
Swapping attitudes like you change
Your Manolos, cuff-linked studs
Whatever you can get your hands on really

You can't help but leave traces behind,
Reminders of past meals
Items you had your grubby mitts on
Marks where you sit

So shuffle, squirm, twitch your nose, flick your tail
Decide what you'll shovel in first.
After all, it's just a game of consequence,
A routine activity of patience

An exercise in chew and run.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 487 times
Written on 2006-11-21 at 13:17

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Zachary P. B.
i loved this caila (and have dearly missed your work here) this has so much more to do than just feeding... really excellent.

A truly missed artist always. Intriguing and powerful in your writes!!!