Gal: 5:22
This is dedicated to all those who have shown me the fruits of the spirit here in this beautiful place called PoetBay.

Fruits of the Spirit

I am walking through life's garden
Picking fruits along the way.
Patience, Joy, Peace, and Kindness
Have filled my basket today.
As each day brings me a new journey,
I open my life to receive
Precious gifts of the Creator.
He fills my life with these:
Faithfulness, Goodness, Gentleness
And Self Control
And his Love which endures forever
Is the bountiful bowl
That holds my Sweet Lord's offerings
Deep inside my heart
I only carry them with me
So that I can do my faithful part
To offer them to the ones I meet
Throughout my time on earth
I only want to feed the world
The realities of a brand new birth.
Enjoy each fruit as it will leave
it's fruitful seeds within you
And you will sow them one by one
Along your journey too
Creating a garden of fruit to feed
The people of this land
And leave this weary world in
His Mighty, Holy Hands.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 547 times
Written on 2006-11-22 at 20:01

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This was a really good text. The rhytm is great and the choice of words as well.

As an ateist, I though have a little difficulty with buying the Creator. ;)

But I myself write texts about the Lord all the time so. :)

Rob Taylor
Very beautiful words and even more beautiful thoughts!

it's very beautiful :)

Sweet and tasty may your fruits be!!!

yes , it is the beautiful poem, is written by a beautiful great poet named Kathy ji.

you are a beautiful gifted warm hearted soul
you have such a shine..that brightens all who
surrounds are My Mommakac and I will
always cherish our friendship
love you

Can you feel me hugging you tight across the world Kathy? I'm drowning in work here, but thanks for the moment's breather. Hopefully, I'll make sense tomorrow!

Your talent is only outshined by the beauty within.

Amazing Piece Kathy BOOKMARKED...