a rofflmao poem with some meanings. :)

Pardon, I forgot!

Pardon, i haven't heard you!
did you say that you need me?
oh stop using this language
to fill my lips with filthy lies
truth is far behind
it has been lost in the way

carry your pain with you everytime you meet me
because i'm responsible to give it to you all the time
you need pain to grow older and stronger
i'm ready to give you a piece of truth
no one's able to fill it out for you

I caught a sparkle in your eyes
did you mention my disguise?
maybe you're afraid-Pardon, I forgot!
you prefer the lies the most
it's better than using your tongue to talk hard
to somebody who can easily attack you
and put the digger in your neck, till you bleed

The door's closed- i suppose you've noticed
you're mine now, all mine!
Pardon-i forgot! you shiver like a 3-year-old girl
who's trying to gain all her weakness
to persuade her papa to buy her a doll
let me kiss you, the last kiss goodbye
before the clock's hours takes you away, memory of mine!

Smashed into pieces? Pardon, I know it's true!
smash into pieces me? well, you're such a funny boy
you know i'm stronger, you know i've got power
you're using words to heal me, but, unluckily, i'm not broken
take your tools and try to fill the gaps in my plastic body
till the wounds start bleeding, till my breath's away
oh thrill me, i know you can!-Pardon, I do? did i say i do?Yes i do!-

Poetry by Angel_in_disguise
Read 786 times
Written on 2006-11-24 at 13:40

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