i beleive the only virgin is the eyes of a child;it is the only thing possible to be yet untainted by life. the entire wide world, with its complex Issues can only possibly be understood by a virgin. that is what i try to do. the key to identities lies in

Wedding feast at Qana

it was a marriage of shells and hell
it was a marriage of strange expression
though blood and wine. . .they both are red
we were a rab and the plane was blue

the groom floats through the charred space
with his corpse bride;- and i , lurking hid within
away from pious eyes that denounce love and sin
the imam without a face

though walls are sooted, it was a nikah
only i had grown weary of waiting

they had run out of wine
they had run out of blood
and there is no christ who with holy spell
would quench the thirst with waters flowing
from reveling eyes

my father; did he think of the dear feast?
my mother; did she fear and exposure? of me, of me?

the wedding ends in a flash; i remain
withoutformwithapoemwithoutaname; to wait
only Promise died, it did not hurt my eyes
i didn't see the bomb so it did not hurt me

Poetry by richard ugbede ali
Read 698 times
Written on 2006-11-25 at 17:10

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