A poem tracing the dialectic of an American murder and the tragedy of African slavery.

Remembering Diallo

Her blood flows through copious holes
In forever rivulets – she cannot plug them
For want of fingers
Maybe the blood wouldn’t stop?

So unlike ocean waves clocking tide’s time
Blood does not flow back into veins
Children, black, beautiful, cannot return
From the cardinal ends of cross winds
Dispersed like sterile seed.

How many times can a heart break
Thinking forty one thoughts of Haiti
The Indies, Cuba, Alabama; Brazilian
Children? Their shadows long

Her heart can only remember
And try, and through these holes
Can only hope someday her children
Would return:
Like strength to an atrophied hand.

Poetry by richard ugbede ali
Read 808 times
Written on 2008-05-14 at 16:21

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I have roots in New York City and never forgot this case, I am glad i read this piece, thank you!!!