Vena Amoris

Love thumps in your blood,
like an infection
from a sting, a bite,
a poisonous paper-cut.

You shiver, and rambling in your fever
you say it like it is;
love me for my sickly pale features,
love me for my disease
'cause I love you for your health.

you choke on that word,
as if near death,
but merely letting your
imagination violate your mind.

Coughing, hallucinating,
you'll remember thinking;

- I hope you've been
contaminated too.

Poetry by True Words Embellished
Read 579 times
Written on 2005-10-12 at 23:11

Tags Love 

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Comparing love to something venamous,like an infection, a bite....that's good....a lot of thought.....but so true, you always feel high when in love....I wonder why?? Liked your poem very much, changed my perception about love a bit!