In All Honesty

My heart beats, yes, but not for you
I breathe, still, in your arms
I smile, yes, I do,
but I am not weakened by your boyish charms
I do not swoon or blush;
I do not have a crush!

I'll giggle now and then
and I can not meet your eyes
but you are just like all other men
I'm not bound by emotional ties
I am not your honey, dear or dove;
I am not in love!

Though I may sometimes miss you
maybe little, or sometimes much
the way you are, the things you do
your loving kisses, your caring touch
I am not seduced nor do I even care,
but don't you leave me; don't you even dare!

Poetry by True Words Embellished
Read 1155 times
Written on 2009-05-27 at 21:45

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Malin Johansson
a very great poem!!!
perfect rhyme and flow in this one!
I get a sense that we are all afraid to be loved or love yet again, and when we are about to let go of all feelings, a panic starts to rise and thats when I thought of your last sentence in this nice poem!