You always need a neutral perspective on life, the good and tainted always have thier views, but isn't it time for us to choose opinions?

Lemme staye.

ther sweepin me ov streets wer I liv
but i dont wanna go, wanna staye
and wach da sun rise
but were bags a shit in ther eyez
lemme staye i will fite for it
i will keep standin and get in yor way
so yu cant sweep us a way
yu cant take from me wer I staye
yu fink yor betta than us but were
humans da same as yu were normul
yu cant do this to us mayte
yu aint evan got da ballz
mush yu fink yor all that
and all i ask iz not for a plase to staye
but to staye in ma street on ma cote
and lyin warm in ma sak

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 786 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 00:06

Tags Fear 

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Zoya Zaidi
Beautiful use of Pidgin ENglish- in the vocabulary of the protogonist... You really feel for those who live on the fring of the society,& you so young! the other peace about eddicts was also excellent. YOU HAVE THE MAKING OF A GREAT POET. Bravo John!

to have repsect mo matter the statuse should be mandatory but in a society where the namless are invisable unitll the holdays where somone thinks there good deed for the year will get them noticed as the "NICE PERSON OF THE YEAR" is really sad. there seems to be no limit to how vain we can be and reading this sort of makes this more understood than most
other poem's that i have read so far. you my friend have an eye for the truth never loose it.

John Ashleigh
I'd like to know how you can give me a 1 and call me immature, when you haven't attempted to read the definition before reading the poem. YOU sir, don't understand poetry, YOU sir, can't even try and read other poetry by me to check my spelling. It's full use of 'poetic license', I mispelled purposely.

This is certainly different I like the style and its content.

Good poem--it is a shame there are still homeless people in 2005.