A mixture of old and new for Advent.

The Twelve Lights of Christmas

Waking a six o'clock to a local dog's bark,
I went to the window and peered into the dark;
The first light I saw was the looming orb
Of the 5.10 flight to Dusseldorf,
The second was next door's security lamp
Triggered by a feline scamp,
The third was the headlamps of a passing car,
The fourth was the glow of the Morning Star,
The fifth was Munch's Scream in the moon's mirage,
The sixth was the bedside clock's illuminated visage,
The seventh was the bald bulb above my bed,
The eighth was the diadem on Mary's head,
The ninth was the spark in my lover's eye,
The tenth was the dawn lightening the sky,
The eleventh was the computer's green-eyed part,
The twelfth was the love in the Christ-child's heart.

Chris Fernie, 2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 413 times
Written on 2006-11-27 at 10:26

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Kathy Lockhart
this is fabulous Chris. You brought is all to life and wrote it in Lights!

Zoya Zaidi
What celebration of the most beautiful time of the year!
Full of light inside the heart and soul all around!
Very expressive Chris!
Love, Zoya