Like the artist Turner, I love clouds.


There is a celestial continent in the sky
Made up of kaleidoscopic countries passing by,
Thousands of islands of outstretched cotton wool,
Dirigible domes that would grace earthside Istanbul,
Purple heather-clouds in heavenly highlands,
Italianate walls of white-cum-pink marble bands,
Everestine moisture-mountains about to avalanche,
Cowboys on horseback galloping back to the ranch,
Necklaces of coral cirrus reflecting the fading light,
Migratory black beasts foreshadowing the night.

Chris Fernie, 2006

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 429 times
Written on 2006-11-29 at 11:26

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Sandy Hiss
This is very pretty, the imagery is lovely. I also like clouds and the sky's various colors from day to day.

tony legba
Cloud Atlas!
(You should have placed this in The Pool).
Great invention of adjectives...more shaped than Turner's clouds.
Fine alliterative music in line 9.
Super images.