sleep can elude us when thought makes it impossible to close our minds


Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time
Fighting to keep my eyes still open
No rhythm, only rhyme

My lashes flutter, bats disturbed
Trying to halt the cave of slumber
Where darkness lays perturbed
In all its distinct glory

Cobwebs clutter with my thoughts
No strength to get a broom
To sweep the edges of the dirt
Avoid the spinning of the room

Toss and turn on windy seas
The lantern running low
Over all the windy waves
Silent speeches flow

Slowly things come into focus
As I re-arouse
Repeatedly, some hocus pocus
Trying to shut me down

Daylight, moonlight, seasons merge
Rearrange, crossover
Til it all becomes one blur
Sapping like a power surge

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 455 times
Written on 2006-11-30 at 10:59

Tags Restlessness 

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Forever trying to make peace to sleep!!!

what the mind can do when tossed all over the place
I think we all know insomniac well:)
GGGGreat reade:)
hugs yo ya