La Reina responds...

La Reina

El amor prohibido,
I doubt their claims
I am not bound to them,
I am my own.

I will wait
Yo espero para la mejora transisicion.

Rescue me,
and I shall rescue you of your male inhibitions,
Your fear of crying,
Your fear of failing,
I shall nurture your love for fighting.

Te quiero la vida con nosotros con juntos

Copywright Bekim Betoni Rauseo

Poetry by Bekim Rauseo
Read 802 times
Written on 2006-12-02 at 17:12

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A wonderful poem .... both in contex and form ...

I am touched by the strenght in your words ,, and you get them across heartfelt ....

best wishes

Zoya Zaidi
Amigo mio!
Je amore et poemo!
(((Hugs DEAR Bakim!)))
Long time no see!
Are you already in UN; too busy for pb?
Love, Zoya