I was reading some poems from my cousin and then i found out my best friend cuts so this is about her.


I pressed the blade as far in as it could

It felt so good who ever thought it would?

This pain is now turning into fun

Is it because life turned into a dead end and I cannot run?

My soul wants to let out deep loud cries

As little trickles of blood reflects in my eyes

As my hands tremble I try to cut fine lines

Did I miss all of the right signs?

Was I just on the road of life and took the wrong route?

My pain tore deep closing my mouth so I could no longer shout

Letting out everything in one deep cut

The wrong feeling tares my gut

But I still go deeper until my blood pours

I'm avoiding all help just shutting the doors

If I could open them maybe once and see the light

Maybe I could see that this solution is not right

Poetry by Dark Angel
Read 840 times
Written on 2006-12-03 at 04:39

Tags Dark  Sad 

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Brooke Michelle
Hey Ariel Who Is You Friend???

This is a very powerful and well written poem. It is hard to believe that you can write so well about something you've never expierenced. Good write.


That poem cuts like a knife and we can too all feel it.

~Aaron Rowe

Powerful. I feel that pain