Walking The Black Road

Born in the foggy forrest, detach my umbilical cord,
Sat quietly for 20 months, get up!! Obey my lord...
Crooked was my walk, body posessed by venemous lizards,
Surounded by a crowd of ancient Warlocks, Necromancers and Wizards,

Not one soul wanted to be in my presence,
Mother, Father, learned me various wise life lessons,
But not by books, words or bedtime conversations,
Yet I received them by the hardness of the hand,
Confused, bathered and bruised wandering deadmans land,
Fighting my way through life as a worm on a fishhook,
I kept fooling myself that trust can be obtained by a first look,
9 knives penetrate my spine,
Frustration, hate, anger building up might, my power is divine,
In my own ruthless and brutal way the world will surely be mine,
Fueled by gasoline of the Gods, brandy, malt liquor and wine,

I grew to be a spider, none will escape my sight,
Trapped inside my web, do not dare to die without a fight,
Should I thank you for giving me the strength i have now?
Without your sadistic intervention I'd probable be weak, yes you made me, but how...
A time of never ending Hellfire is upon you,
Feel my wrath, as I drown your firstborn son in porkstew,
My chest contains a pain in the form of a spiked wooden bat,
Slapping down tombstones, I make your teeth appear out of my hat,
Mystical magical, 6 corpses down my basement,
An unknown entity named Bogdan soiling the pavement,
I split personality, walk smiling through this world you know,
Rip my skin from ear to ear, my second name, and final blow,
Flesh covered with maggots, disgusted is how they see me,
They hate me, but I'm still that same person, different anatomy,

Crushing me with faul words in this state is their wrong move,
Exploding with rage, cracking the ground below, go get'm, i do approve,
A royal rampage, rain of blood, hail of bones,
Do not stand in my way, you'll soon be covered with stones...

Poetry by Catacomb Villain
Read 663 times
Written on 2006-12-04 at 18:57

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Interesting, a lot to discover for the reader.. as if there's a whole book trapped in a poem..