All the people

has to sing
all the people
who wish they died

all the people
who doesn't
look both ways
before crossing a street

all the people
that smoke cigarettes
to stay alive
and die slowly

all the people
even though
they're wondering
if they will survive the day

I'm not saying
my addiction
was better

I just chose it
because I want to live
but it made me
want to die

But now
I am choosing
something else

And if you cry
all night
kept awake by the pain

then just know,
I think about you
I dream about you
When no one else cares,
I care about you

It is not too late to wake up from a lifelong insomnia
Nothing is ever to late.

Poetry by kristallkross
Read 572 times
Written on 2006-12-04 at 21:47

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Thank you for this poem.. It gave me a great feeling, I loved the honest and sweet way you've managed to describe the emotions...