Excistence is Happyness

As movement stops all around

I float up of the ground

Soft as the air comes melodies sound

In the soul is were this energy is found

summoning thought i learn to reverse exsitence

I learn to go back on remnisence

total recall of true essence

learning this created a thought

my powers brought

i could could see alot

so i retracked

before pangea cracked

before the earth packed

maybe then i will see origin

why life has been the way it has been

why we spin and sin, agian and agian

Thats when i decided to go way back when

Suddenly i summoned force of power

turn minute into hour

watched berries dissolve regrow and turn sour

slowly man faded out

structures dissolved and i
slowly learned what life is about

without a doubt

i knew it would be as strong as this

the meaning of life that most miss

the meaning to life is happyness

how i found this i cannot say

all i can share is that i saw a ray

light flashed once, thick in my mind it will stay

seeing through which all cannot

Its something that cannot be tuaght

it has to be thought

Poetry by cory Crook
Read 409 times
Written on 2005-10-15 at 09:27

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