Guess what creature this poem speaks of

I Exist

I live in secret depths.
I hide amongst the shadows.
I am part of the cycle of life that
breathes all around you.

Throughout the Earth I tread.
Sometimes leaving evidence of my

I am hiding in the dark, looking
upon humankind.
Endeavoring to understand an
existence separate from my own.

Fear of discovery causes me to flee
with panic when you accidentally
come upon me.
Curiosity of the strangeness of
humankind tempts to creep up for a
closer look.

I am caught between two desires.
The will to forever remain hidden is
the strongest instinct that is lodged in
my mind.

I scream into the icy quiet.
Never caring if someone is listening.

I live out my existence.
Then I die, the cycle of life covers my
still form.

You never discover the secret of my
I will never seek out your
My secret existence is the
contentment of my life.

Some of you seek to discover my
secret existence.
You come into my secret depths.
You try to come close, attempting to
touch my contented life.

I have the will not to harm you.
Although I have the power to harm if

I will still hold back.
Permitting you sometimes to come

Some of the strands of my life have
been woven together.
Some of the strands are loose,
endeavoring to be raveled together by
those that want an answer.

They peer into the dark for answers.
They tromp to the secret depths for

They listen for the answers.
They strive to collect the few pieces left

Most of the world ignores the pieces.
Those that believe echo a plea that is
left unheard.
Those that believe endeavor to have
their beliefs validated.

Someday each piece will be united into
a whole picture.
A whole picture the world will not ignore.

When the whole picture is completed.
Everyone will believe in my existence.

They will never touch my mind.
That all I wish is contentment in my
simple existence.

Some will still fear me if my existence is
known to the world.

They will fear that my existence is a
threat to their superiority.

In a world where some do not respect
Will my existence be threatened?

Those that respect life will endeavor to
protect my existence.

Will they have the power to prevent
Will they have the power to prevent

Some want the glory of the prize that
killing brings.
Some will put a price on a dead form.

There will be those that will laud their
prowess in killing a powerful being.

Will destruction of a precious existence
creep slowly over the world?

Killing each one of my existence.
Those that wanted my discovery will
regret the day they wanted validation

I care not if the world deems me a myth.
I care not if the world thinks belief in me
is a mockery.

What I care about is to be left alone.
To live out a peaceful existence to death.

If the stories you have all told about me
are truth.
Then take those stories and gleam

The understanding of my existence
means the understanding of remaining
separate beings.

Being left alone is sometimes your choice.
Being left alone is my totality as a living

I exist today.
Will the world allow me to exist

I exist.
That is the end of my tale.
That is all you need to know.

Poetry by Amy Buchanan
Read 589 times
Written on 2006-12-06 at 06:07

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Amanda K
This an awesome piece. clever and smart. loved the theme and the quesions asked along with statements. This work needs only some attention and respect.