This is about my best friend when she sadly died of a drunk driver hitting her

But you were just here...

You cant be gone you were just there

You were on my bed fumbling with my hair

This phone call must be a mistake

This is more then my mind can take

They told me a drunk hit you

My dear friend is this true?

I can't believe this you can't be gone

It's not even the start of the day it's only dawn

Speak to me dear friend please

I'm crying on my hands and knees

I can't do anything but sit on this floor

Please my friend walk through the door

They can't be right they must be wrong

I'm falling apart I have to stay strong

I'm drowning in my tears why you?

Why my friend please tell me it isn't true

I'm starting to cry but I can't shed a tear

How can you be gone you were just here? ...

Poetry by Dark Angel
Read 922 times
Written on 2006-12-07 at 03:01

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Some things in life we cant control......keep the memories.She's out there watching out for you.

Brooke Michelle
Awww! Ariel That Is So Beautiful!! I Love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Itz Sad.
That Brung Tears To My Eyes.

WOW. second to last line, exactly how i feel. I am very sorry for your loss, i have no idea how that must feel, except for the situation of my cat getting run over. How much better of a writer can you get??? I loved the emotion, ryhtm and rhyme you used!