Self-destructive addictions and behaviours

I could tell you
about its endless
I could say
wonderful words,

But it all
would be a lie
from a

I could say
that it purifies you,
I could tell you
all the ways
to get pure

I could say
that it's the high
you always searched for
I could tell you
that it saves you
from everything

I could say
that it makes the day
worth getting through
I could tell you
that this is a lifestyle

I could say this
because I know how it is
I know how it feels

But it would still count as lying

However pure it makes you feel
at the moment
you will feel a thousand times
Anything but pure

You would appreciate the high
you think you searched for,
but with every high
comes a low
And just being stabilized
in between
is worth everything
It keeps you alive
it does
and prevents you from living
at the same time

It helps you get through
a day
and the next day
you can't live without it
It becomes your life,
the addiction is
you think about

is the truth
even though I sometimes
keep my eyes closed

it's easy to look the other way

Poetry by kristallkross
Read 499 times
Written on 2006-12-07 at 19:43

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