16 October 2005 - "I think it is time we stick up for our rights. No more being lead into a dilemma, it is our lives."

Council prison.

We are living in a council prison,
Civil rights being threatened again.
Guns and other weapons offered,
Communities destroyed so instantly.

Are you going to stand and watch?
Are you going to fight and be alike?

We are living in a violent dilemma,
Scars being handed out to innocents.
Blood spilled like water of the rich,
Homes fail to stand for us workers.

Are you going to sit and stare?
Are you going to pull the trigger?

We are all the same in his eyes,
None of us can stand for this war.
Flames not being tamed or faulted,
This council prison closing.

The steel bars seem to widen.
The sink seems to fill up with blood.
The rust starts to swallow the room.
The bed seems too cold.

We just whimper at the gory sights,
Cry and never pick up the vengeance.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 672 times
Written on 2005-10-16 at 11:38

Tags Law  Violence 

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I'm afraid this is a sign of the times on to many council estates nowadays a good topic and well put.