Inbetween the Silence

I can hear silence
But there are bees buzzing and birds churping
there are cells gathering and shouting
there is succession
there are institutions in madhouses
there are populations in structures
and structures in populations
there are leaders, security guards,
landlords, and tax collectors
there are ashes when there's another chance...

I still hear silence though
But there are dogs barking at graveyard attendants
there are cars honking in unison for the same idea
there are people walking in nuclear families
there is a poor man whistling around a bordello
there is a rich man crying on a guilded statue's shoulder
there is redundency
there is information
there is waiting
waiting for badges or pages of honor and worth
for lovers
for something better, when your expecting worse
for a flashback
for your season
there is addiction
there is laughter
there is the blues
there are shades of color
of emotion
of philosophy
of reason
there is love, lingering
there are smooth talkers
there are lost souls
there are salesmen
there are lawyers, guns, and money
there are policemen in altered states
and people who won't get off the road
there are prizes with thorns
there are hardworkers
there are illusions
there are celebrities sighing
there are barflies toasting
there are tattoos
tattoos of letters
of memories
of scars
or just a flaming skull wearing
a top hat with a snake coming
through the eye socket,
smoking a cigarette
there are things that turn into myths
there are ramblers
there are settlers
there isn't a thing that hasn't been classified
there are things that happen all the time
there are false teeth, newspapers, and photo albums
there are retirement homes
and not enough room for everyone to be put in
their own pyramids.
there are things remembered and things forgotten,
but we are in the same condition
there are artifacts
there is planetary movement
there is endless space
there is your space, the space you occupy
there is time for resting, later, much later
and then...

We are within the silence...
and it keeps flowing in a continual stream
awaiting the next chapter.

Poetry by Emily Ann
Read 957 times
Written on 2006-12-13 at 21:21

Tags Life  Questions 

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This one breathes hope and open space. The possibilities of silence. Such a wonderful reminder!