With 1000 words I could not express,
the feelings i have tried to supress,
it many times has made me regress,
and make me stop my progress,

I don't exactly know what to do,
cuase I know you love him and he loves you,
but the truth is I love you too,
this is why I just don't know what to do,

you and him are together I see,
but you and me are meant to be,
I guess you are just meant to leave me,
but I really can't let this be,

you and me should take a break,
cause I don't want him to think your fake,
I still love you and will take,
you from him one of these days...

Dark Fate

Poetry by Chris "Blak Magik" Swepson
Read 537 times
Written on 2006-12-14 at 04:35

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