I need you.

I dont know what to do to get you back wit me,
I jus wish I could stop you and make you see,
that you and me is made for each other,
that we will neva find anyone like one another,
I need you to go on I need you to live,
I need you to come bak I need you to give,
Me one last chance to make thingz right,
It has been a long time fighting dis fight,
plz babe come bak I need you right now,
I need you to save me before I drown,
In a pool of pain with out your love,
wit out your heavenly mind sent from above,
I love you so much I hope you undastand,
I hope you can give me one last stand.


Poetry by Chris "Blak Magik" Swepson
Read 647 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 06:46

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