Hunter turned Hunted!

Mistletoe and Moonlight

Slight sight the sylph like creature
Glancing past an intence stare.
That quenches arid innocence, offered
In a line of prayer.

Distortion, disenchantment,
Hazey swirls, the orchids glow.
Scented Moonlight glistens on the wind
Below the mistletoe.

A butterfly born in winters grasp,
The wilderness of being.
Lifes' wasted time, so fiercely sought
By eyes bereft of seeing.

The Lone Wolf stalks an Angel
Through a soulless,bleak abyss.
And as he's slain upon her bite
He saves her with a kiss.

Poetry by stevelee
Read 406 times
Written on 2006-12-15 at 16:40

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A lovely Christmas Spirit this poem has stevie, a couple of typos in there need ironing out, but other than 'intense' and 'hazy' it reads like a perfect poem and the verse length suits it well in my opinion, it is hard to write free verse with structure, but you seem to have achieved it well. Nice work, the more christmas cheer the Merrier we all shall be. Even Lone Wolves meet their match eventually!lol Merry Christmas, smiling at you, one of santa's helpers! Tai

Language: 4
Format: 4
Mood: 5
Overall: 4