i wrote this for a friend named Celine

Madame La Lune

Name etched in myth,
Wide open spaces immured
Words passed along the line
Questions and data simultaneous

Derivative of Latin "caelum",
Heaven and celestial colliding
Several forms, forename
Blending of cultural nomenclature, Hellenic and Gallic.

"The moon was like a mademoiselle
and I did not want to offend the moon"

Howling atop a hill in the shadows.
Artistically depicted, pale face,
Riding a silver chariot pulled by two horses.
Wearing robes and a half moon on her head,
Carrying a torch.

The far side, binary distinction
Unknown, hidden,
Receiving as much sunlight
But at opposite times.

The only natural satellite
Arid as the Sahara,
Receiving only solar-reflected light
Phases every 28 days

Representing our 'shadow self',
Changeable moods and feelings,
Anima, subconscious,
So says Jung
Cycles, contrasts of state

Hope, romance,
Achievement, wonder, mysticism,
Collective spiritual intuition.

Waxing and waning,
Ebb and flow of photons,
Embarking upon the journey,
Crescent form at the main entry
To a full moon, engulfing all.

Waits for brother Helios
To finish his journey across the sky
Before beginning hers as night falls upon the earth.

Reinventing herself each night,
Chasing the sun over the ridges of the west,
And running from it in the east.

Fearlessly alive,
Demonstrating a sheer determination to live,
She is a kinesis, she is action personified.
Refusal to allow her spirit to be broken.

In cabinot, sealing the cracks
To avoid confrontation,
Waiting to see the results.
Angel in clouds of smoke,
Standing triumphantly and colossally young.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 830 times
Written on 2006-12-16 at 01:25

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What a beautiful dedication!!!