deep thoughts keep a poet awake until released and expressed

A Spirtual Embrace

Caverns of thought deeply hidden
from view, places where my mind
keeps longing for you. Listen,
can you hear your voice echoing
through my head? You're alive in
my heart living amongst the dead.
Down the corridors of my mind I wander
following the song that lulls me to ponder
the lyrics that once were your tune.
When will I find you?
Please, God, let it be soon.
I am weary and lost in this cavernous
place. I am blinded by darkness never
seeing your face. Call to me in this
time of despair. I can hear your voice
singing, "Breathe, breathe in the air."
In the lonely time, I find pleasure
in our place. Inside of our souls
we can spiritually embrace. For its
a series of unfortunate events
that leaves us apart and surely
prevents any physical union between
you and me. Its the way of our time.
Just "Let it be." But I am drawn
like a magnet to steel. I am without
strength to fight this strong will
to be with you in thought and in presence
I yearn to partake of the fullness of your essence.
So, until the time
in the world beyond this. I will travel
the caverns searching for bliss.
My Darling, my desires, can you feel? 
Do you know they are most certainly real?
Find me inside your wonderful mind.
We are truly connected with poetry
that binds.

Kathy Lockhart



Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 695 times
Written on 2006-12-19 at 09:16

Tags Love  Romance 

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Beautifully expressed! Did your desired lover respond?


Yearning and wonder throughout--beautifully done, a masterpiece yet again!

I am in awe with the way you express in this poem
just beautiful my Mommakac:)
love you

Kathy, I've really said all I can say to you.

WHAT a write!!!!!!!!

Nuff said..


This is just beautiful Kathey, emotionally as well as spiritually you say it all,may you find that inner peace.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine what can I say but a wonderful text that demonstrates your deep love well done rgds Mike

This most beautiful and longing poem nestles in my heart. I'm sorry that I do not have words enough to comment on it or describe my own feeling after having read it.
I sigh deeply, thank you and click on "bookmark this text"