A courtroom scene played out through anxiety.

Inside The Tinderbox

She shook with fear for she knew
what happens in courtrooms
with judges and reporters
and lawyers and demons.
Her voice, soft and trembling

betrayed her.

As did her demeanor,

leaving her naked on the stage

under the blinding glare of the spotlight.

All else black, except for those faces
with the bulging eyes that penetrate,
those jagged teeth oozing red with
blood from their last meal,

those pointing gnarled fingers

the know-it-all gods of judgement
eager to devour another innocent soul.

Explain! Remember! Think! Think!

Questions! Rapid and ragged shot
dead-on into her fragile mind.
Like an eggshell, it shattered, 
leaking sanity down her ashened face.
Torment was the puppeteer
moving her into grotesque shapes
and forms, then leaving her wasted
and crumpled like yesterday's news
ready for the tinderbox.
Its over. 
No ruling today.


She stands slowly, unbalanced, weaving.
A touch of a gentle hand, 
compassionate sincere eyes,
soft words of care
help here out of her misery.
Outside, out of sight, out of mind
of the courtroom ringmaster, she
bends her head down to her knees
and cries.
And then

goes home




to wait

for her





Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1390 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 03:32

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moving her into grotesque shapes
and forms then leaving her wasted
and crumpled like yesterday's news

incredible! i'm kind of obsessed w/ jodi picoult books and this seems like something that she would write.

Zoya Zaidi
This is so powerful!
So helpless!
So grotesque!
So from the depth of your mind and soul!
I am speechless!

I hope you can endure, bear,
And overcpome all this infernal hell
Of whatever you are going through,
In reality and metaphorically!

(((Hugs my friend!)))
All the best to you!
Be strong!
Things pass, it becomes OK!
I can assure, you nothing stays!

Love, Zoya

very very very well written , i could feel the dark, the pain, the fear, hats off to you, ma'm

regrds : zee

You certainly capture the scene,I could feel myself holding my breath,good work Kathey.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey katherine a lovely text and this demonstrates your range so beautifully rgds mike

Nice story here
For this poor girl^^

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You have put me right there in that courtroom where I should have been! No one should ever have to be there alone! Oh God, someday, please, someday, make them all pay! A heart ripper!

I am lost for words, this is one of the most moving poems I have read on here..I am crying at the moment, because I can truly see this girl trying to be brave, and yet emotions have been ripped from her by some savage person...you can feel her fear in your words..a masterpiece, Kathy!