luck changes

Moving On

So you had to make a decision,
I get that,
"It's not your fault".

It's not me, it's you, hey?
Honesty sticks like mud,
When it slaps it stings too.

What were you planning on achieving
Through all of this?
A record in the beep-test as you push me away?

Serve my head on a platter
to the rest of the team.
Drive a chariot with bells

And whistles screaming down
The brick wall of defences
I built with my bare hands.

So what's the game plan then?
Hush-hush, so not even
Those that are privy can hear you?

Incoherent blueprints
Charts of figures, numbers, people
All a matter of positioning

In this eternal chessboard,
A never-ending story
Full of dungeons and dragons

And fireballs swallowing you whole
As you dodge the missiles
To make your way back to "base"

Base camp,
Rations and roughing it,
Completely out of the comfort zone.

What I dreamt was possible
Went for a run last night,
And decided to keep on moving,
Away from checkmate where
I'm cornered, for
Left I fail you, and
Right, ever right, you fail me.

I think my pawn's been engulfed
By this queen of the hive,
But does another round await me,

Or should I be ever-moving too?

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 723 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 07:02

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