Self explanitary


Caring not of love now gone
My rescued heart and I move on
No velvet chains of love shall ere bind me
A thousand ladies I have led
To my unmade and crumpled bed
Yet still of loves need I can n'er be free

Other men proclaim their fame
Of conquests in that field of shame
In hope perhaps their ego to enhance
I know of love and of its loss
For I have paid in full the cost
And yet I seem to need just one more dance

I often feel blessed with a curse
That my predation I should nurse
My heart devoid of guilt of lovers cry's
I meet another, fall in love
In amours dance of push and shove
Lost in an erotic tangled web of lies

I feel sometimes a true love found
My feet at last on solid ground
My glasses tinted rose, a different hue
Intentions never battles win
With heart and soul immersed in sin
As I embrace true love with thoughts untrue

I envy those with golden band
Their love secure as hand in hand
They wend their way towards true loves destiny
Whilst I with stealth and fleet of foot
Scale the portcullis ere it shut
For fear in truth no love could cherish me.

Poetry by Brendan Finbarr Tully
Read 678 times
Written on 2005-10-18 at 13:10

Tags Sad 

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I enjoyed this very much, it must be the romantic in me, i could say more but angela seems to have said it for me, keep it up.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
love, it twists us i its palm and we scream oursleves blind.

loves need - love's need
lovers cry's - lovers' cries
armours dance - armour's dance

(an easy way to remember to add the ' is think does the second word belong to the first as in love's need, the need of love)

Intentions never battles win - this seems strange when reading maybe putting in some pause -
intentions never battle and win.

loves destiny - love's destiny