Jesus was a surfer dude


I always hear so much gibber about Christmas
It's supposed to be about this guy called Jesus
He was born in a barn somewhere
By some woman who was pregnant but claimed to be a virgin
Haha, yeah, I guess a lot of woman have tried that one

Okay, I guess this Jesus looked like a surfer dude
Long blonde hair and stuff
But I wonder; how was his surfing?
I guess walking on water made it kind of easy

It's said the people in his town called him crazy
when he wanted to become the greatest surfer of all times
So the Romans nailed him to his surfing board
Or something like that
I never really got this story

So, do I believe that Jesus was divine?
Hell no, I don't trust a man that wears SANDALS!


Words by Natalie
Read 917 times
Written on 2006-12-23 at 23:42

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that's one of the funniest pieces of poetry i've ever read.
made me smile:)

HAHA! this is so funny :D

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