its a story in the bible...............


blamless like a flower in dry ground,
divisions ,to my right,then left,the
middle part,dead,,,,still jerusalem
points its finger at me ,then you,as
if to say ,you are to blame,not i ,
theres a hope in this brokenness ,
to be honest i do not know what
it is,maybe its a ghost,or the sadness
of life,or maybe the devils joke,still
if it is ,i do not think its funny,so
point your finger at some eles,
help me out here,every thing slows
down in this place ,even the clock
wont work,yes jerusalem still falls,
even with jesus dead ,he came back
you know ,still the peaple pointed
at him ,and it was the middle finger,
they gave,and so he packed up and
its time to turn in,just remind in the
mourning about the wine and bread.

Poetry by david gerardino
Read 588 times
Written on 2006-12-25 at 00:01

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