maps and books


I fall into her shadow ,like
rain in the mud,leonora stands
up with nervous fascination,
and points at the sun and the
stars, you see david ,even the
moon aint so fare away ,you
just have to look in all the right
places, like maps and books.

leonora dives into herself,and
finds to many jokes ,is this
the one you wonted to talk to,
and did she use to be your mom.

I fall into her shadow ,and let
her medicine fix me up, you
see david,even the moon aint
so fare away,all you have to do
is learn to fly ,like a bird with out wings.
leonora dives into herself ,and me,
i fall sleep......

Poetry by david gerardino
Read 724 times
Written on 2007-01-12 at 06:22

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