in answer to "Daybreaker's" important poem "God is dead?"

Whatever was Christmas really all about?

A simple message of just love and common sense,
of peace, co-operation, brotherhood and kindness
was mixed up from the beginning
in a terrible dogmatic passionate confusion
for which Paul, or Saul, was most responsible,
who without ever meeting Christ took charge of all Christianity
and started the first schism with Peter,
separating christendom from jewry,
starting a dogmatic church of power and intolerance,
eventually evolving into that notorious autocracy
of one infallible political state Church,
which system later made it possible to introduce
the inquisition, persecution of so called heretics,
burning anyone alive who was unlucky to have been informed against
and starting the first genocides against the Indians of South America.
That Church was not Christianity and certainly not that religion
which the carpenter of Nazareth once humbly introduced
of love and humbleness, of peace and brotherhood,
of working all together on the art of being kind.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-12-26 at 19:46

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