dedicated to a mother 'lololo' and scumbag sister

For p#!!ing off a poet.

For all the words

you never found,

Whilst slinging mud

and losing ground.

What goes around

it comes around.

This wisdom is the truth.

For all the thoughts

you thought alone,

Piously casting

the first stone.

Ascending your

false idols throne.

Of this I need no proof.

For all the lies

Succinctly said,

And mounted in

a childs head.

Then told so loud

our hearts were bled.

You hammered in a wedge.

For all the hurt

you put us through,

The universe will

repay what's due.

Forever lost,

my kin to you.

On this you have my pledge.

Poetry by stevelee
Read 700 times
Written on 2006-12-29 at 10:07

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There is a lot of power, strength, and vigour throughout this poem. You tell them!

now!! thats telling it how it is!! hee hee!
great write..all the power to you!!!!!!!
hugs to you


Ah!lol Never noticed the heading!lol Yeah I have a few of those sorts of kin, I was confusing kith and kin!lol

It is horrible when we fall out of those sorts of relationships. They never seem to heal so quickly.

Best of luck


This sounds like a very humanly loaded gun threat to me stevelee. Not sure if you are male or female, but I would wish to tell you, to try not to interrupt a childs choices when it comes to their parentage, it is important for their development to fruitful adulthood to have a choice. Not sure I interpretted your poem correctly but I am sorry for your pain, which was obvious to me.

Take care and happiness in 2007 to you and yours