I have always wanted to grow a sunflower. Last week I planted a seed indoors and it has sprouted. I am using a sunflower as a illustration for anyone's pursuit of their dreams.

Chasing The Dream to Grow My First Sunflower

Dreams must first be planted.
Cultivated with tenacity.

If dreams are carefully tended.
They will bloom with much beauty.

A beauty that may surpass all desires.

Dreams must be chased if obstacles
threaten to fly away with those dreams

Towards the end of life.
The journey to our dreams can never
be run backwards, to recapture the lost

I dream to grow my first sunflower.

A dream I hope will never be uprooted.

If winds come I will support my dream.

If hail comes I will protect my dream.

If floods come I will lift up my dream.

If I abandon the dream to grow my first

Then I will not reap the reward of a
sunshine face to greet me.

Dreams can enrich the heart.
If dreams are fulfilled.
Then growing into a better person can

I will continue chasing the dream to
grow my first sunflower.

May all who read this.
Continue to chase their dreams.

At the end of the journey of your dreams.
I hope you will reach your reward.

Poetry by Amy Buchanan
Read 537 times
Written on 2006-12-30 at 05:18

Tags Sunflower 

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syarifah nur

the sun flower will burstly come to you
with tender sunlight on your face
patience and struggle will enhance the essence
seizing the dream of life