RIP 29 Dec 2006 17,00

Good Night, Saga..

Everytime I gots home you jump high
and you waves on your tail just like i have candy with me
you kisses me and crawl up into my arms liks ever before
like you have't seen me for a very long time
you go and pick yours blue ball and start to teasing
because you know that when i come then it will be teasing
but now you aren't coming with your blue ball anymore..

Every morning when who wakes up
then you sit beside the bed
you start to waves on your tail and prayed to jump up in to the bed
when you were in the bed then it was kisses, hugs and cuddle
just like it was the last time we were cuddle, every morning..

When we were driving to summer cabin there you love to be
just to run to the water and take a swim
sit and look out on the lake or sunbathing in the sun
or hunting gull or frogs
who are im gonna throw sticks to now?

When I and master were and go sledge and you did't like it
because you thougt it goes for fast and want us from there
what did you do then, yes you bit us in your feets
and you did't stop before we stand still or in safty
but who are gonna se that we are not go for fast now?

But on the end you was to tierd
and did't keep on everytime
but you try despite every obstacle you get
and you keep fighting, you are a true fighter..

Loving Saga, you are missing of us all
big place in our hearts are emty
but i know that you know that we love you, BIG!

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 1002 times
Written on 2006-12-30 at 23:38

Tags Grief  Love  Missing 

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Nice poem