tries to learn and just gots another turn to burn

Anti-Accepting Repeat Defeat

Numb and needing
the cuts are bleeding
Desperate for treating
Wishing I had felling
ANThe wondrous power of healing

Lying here dying here
Stable unable to steer
Driving into the clear
Steady and ready know that im here

Seeing is believing
Perceiving is amazing
Craving more of what im analyzing
Its so tantalizing and surprising

Before receiving direct effect
Falling into this incorrect derelict
I saw a lot of respect

Inevitably it would be
Something that hurt me suddenly
Predictably I rose to another degree
I can see u want to be free
But I wondered endlessly
Until it hit me rapidly

Shocks from black dark
Light and its contrast making mark

Stunned unable to understand knowledge
standing on the edge of a hedge on the ledge

Ready to dive off into hiding
Swiftly I start gliding
My last words im Reciting
Before colliding and residing

I knew love would only hate
Something that good and great
Supposedly having fate
All knowingly would deplete
Becoming my repeat defeat.

Poetry by cory Crook
Read 573 times
Written on 2005-10-20 at 07:54

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
sorry, i could get past the terrible rhyme.

The more i read this the more i like it, can't quite figure out why,but its got something in there,keep at it.