Being at the edge of fear, feeling so alone that the windows, doors and life appear to smash? Watching open-eyed at your closest dreams being cut?

-- "Things keep getting harder for me". - John Ashleigh 12 September '05 - 15th birthday.


Propound vocals pulsated through the windows,
Radiators tuned to burn that of the layer so translucent.
Shivers of liquid-solid shining past the eyes, target:
The boundaries opposite, painted red and white rings.

Screams frothed up; swish cuts corroded smiles,
Simple meanings lacerated ahead of the flickering...
Junk appeared rusty and coated in a water-spill of blood.
The plug became damp, delegated false fumes.

Tension framed in the shoulders, knuckles and knees,
Kicking vehement peer-pressure – Foliating endings until:
It creeps back on black toes, scabbed deeply by the shattered.
Newton's pressure exceeding limits greatly leaned.

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 1216 times
Written on 2005-10-20 at 08:27

Tags Deep  Cold  Dark 

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Ferenc Inigo Beck
An excellent graphic for the bitterest of the bitter. Very well crafted John.

yell neve really helps in a world that is

numbed by the gore and madness wich

the world calls normal. this is one poem

that i think has true meaning when it

comes to never receiving help or a hello

it is sad but it is also true. to bad not

everyone can see the real world. all they

see are smiles a hand shake and alot

of comments saying its going to get better

when its really not. unless people change

wich is hard to do today for some people

this was a great poem

Zoya Zaidi
This is absolutely briliant!!! IMPOTENT RAGE !!! HELPLESNESS!!! FRUSTATION!!!
Beautifuly captured. Well done, John

yes you,ve certainly captured the anger in this, dark and brooding good stuff.