I am doing a series on the 7 deadly ( capital ) sins.

7 Deadly Sins- Pride

"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall"
-William Shakespeare

I have the best, everyone knows it's true
I am a bright light
In a world of shadows
Ask me about my intellect..
I'll show you a thing or two
Bet you've never met anyone quite like me

How does it feel to be so beautiful?
How does it feel to be so admired?

I am a jaded elitist..
Not surprised..at anything you might say
I've done it all
And better at that

Look at everything I have..
Isn't it great?

So what..I've had plastic sugery
The best that money can buy
I could be a model
If only I had the time..
With my busy schedule
People just can't get enough of me

I am so..wonderful!

Poetry by Teala
Read 956 times
Written on 2007-01-09 at 08:31

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Without committing one of the 7 Deadly Sins take a bow and be prideful of this Write..

Very Nicely done..

betsy Firefly
You are showing the readers how this attitude will turn people away from you. I believe you've done an alright job here, Teala!

yes it's
thanx teala

I would have put this down to self conceit not pride teala, but a good example of having ones head firmly stuck up one's arse though!lol I meet too many idiots like this, thankfully only on the net, probably because I am a recluse!lol

Grinning at you,


Wishing I had that much cash, a little tuck here and drag back there!lol

Have fun d: