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7 Deadly Sins- Greed

I had better get my fair share
( although I deserve more)

The only reason she got that promotion
( is because she is a whore)

No, you can't borrow money
I don't care what kind of fix your in
No, I won't think about it
My answer is final: No!

So you worked so hard on this project
Dear coworker that you are
Let's just tell the boss everything was my idea
Before I slash the tires on your car

Give me more, give me more..

Poetry by Teala
Read 914 times
Written on 2007-01-09 at 08:37

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betsy Firefly
A good picture of greed and selfishness. We can see why God hates it!

realy nice text teala

Rob Graber
I'm enjoying your series, Teala!

I like shows the emotion of greed so well. And even though this is a sin, I think it feels like it is our right to feel like this sometimes. I really do like this poem.