This is sort of a sonet that i made... i don't know if its good but it sort of
came to me that we still don't know what life actually means... you try to figure it out... best of luck~

A sonnet of life

If there is wisdom in what we see,
Then what we read is understandable.
If everything lies at a single degree,
Then there is nothing so incredible.

If reasons were to make sense
then why does our questions bend.
If life is just a circle, hence
then why do we say everything is at an end.

If there is a secret,
then it is enclosed by a protective hand.
If there is great hatred,
then why are there also friends?

Life is a big puzzle. Humans are left to arrange,
Although God control them. Humans still can change.

Poetry by syer
Read 839 times
Written on 2007-01-27 at 23:43

Tags Life  Friends  Trust 

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